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Is it the horse… or horsemanship? – November 2019

“I’ve never seen a great horse that would pass a vet check with flying colors. There’s a reason horses are great, and that’s because they’ve paid their dues and been used, and that training and seasoning comes with some maintenance involved. You have to weigh whether you can spend a lot of money on a horse at the vet and you can win on him, or if you’re just roping for fun and don’t care if you win anything. You will miss out on a lot of good horses being scared of a little bit of maintenance.” – Trevor Brazile – The Official Fan Page

EXCELLENT READ!! “This Explains Alot”

Good read from David Neason

Is there a Kelly Blue Book for Horses?

Sporthorse Apothecary article from Facebook

Western Horseman article by Kelli Neubert

Why Would You Sell That Horse?

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