We currently have four horses consigned to SMB Horse Sales, Saturday, September 18, 2021 in Panguitch, UT

We have two horses consigned to Fall Roundup Sale, October 15-16, 2021 in Heber City, UT

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TAXI – Consigned to SMB

10 years old

16.1 hands

1,350 lbs

Taxi is big, gorgeous, fun and best of all gentle for the whole family. He has been used extensively outside on the trails, in the arena, and as a pony horse on the racetrack. Taxi has a lot of personality, is very lovable, meets you at the gate to be caught, and has great ground manners. He is gentle everyday to ride bareback or with a saddle, goes anywhere you point him, and doesn’t take an owners manual to operate him. Taxi has smooth gaits, can lope in the palm of your hand, does easy flying lead changes and beautiful circles. He isn’t 100% sound but is still very usable with a little maintenance and is such a willing partner in all he does that you can’t help but love him. He is UTD on vaccinations, worming, dental and shoes.

SHUTTLE – Consigned to SMB

5 years old

16 hands

1,200 pounds

Shuttle is a big pretty horse with a quiet mind and a lot of ability.  He’s been used on the ranch, in the mountains, trail riding, as well as in the arena. He’s ready to take you where you want to go no matter your specialty. Shuttle is absolutely gentle every day, he never gets fresh or humpy. He’s a pocket pet that will follow you everywhere looking for attention, or better yet a treat! He has the ability to be a fancy barrel prospect, he’s showing alot of talent as we start him roping out of the box, but he has a quiet mind to allow a leisurely trail ride to be fun as well. He’s soft in the bridle, willing to please, and easy to ride.  Shuttle does have a wire scar on his left front leg but it is superficial and doesn’t cause him any problems. He is UTD on vaccinations, worming, dental and shoes.

REBAR – Consigned to SMB

6 years old

15.1 hands

1,100 pounds

Rebar is a gentle gelding with a lot of experience for his age. We have used him outside, worked cattle, trail riding, and pack trips.  He has a quiet, willing mind; crosses water, and goes where you point him without a fuss. Rebar has never offered to buck or get fresh, is easy to catch, bathe, clip, shoe and handle in every way. We have roped and doctored cattle outside as well as roping a few out of the box in the arena. Rebar is a fun gelding with his whole life ahead of him to take you any direction you choose. He is UTD on vaccinations, worming, dental and shoes.

GUNSMOKE – Consigned to SMB

8 years old

15.3 hands

1,200 pounds

Gunsmoke is a big, stout gelding with solid legs, nice feet, and plenty of eye appeal. He has been used on the ranch, can rope and doctor cattle, ride the big circles, sort and load trucks or any other task at hand. He has been used in the arena as well, has a good handle, can open and close gates, and has roped a few steers out of the box. Gunsmoke is a great horse for any job that needs done or even just to pleasure ride, but he isn’t recommended for kids or novice riders. He is UTD on vaccinations, working, dental and shoes.

ROAD TRIP – Consigned to Fall Roundup

5 years

15.2 hands

1,200 pounds

Roadtrip is a big, fancy, buckskin roan with a quiet mind and a gentle personality. He has good ground manners to shoe, clip, bathe, tie, trailer, saddle etc. He has been used outside working cattle and trail riding, as well as pleasure riding. Roadtrip goes where you point him, crosses water, brush, downfall and rides well alone, or anywhere in a group if you’re out with friends. He’s been hobbled, spent the night tied to trees, and gets along well with other horses. Roadtrip has spent time in the arena as well and rides right up in the bridle, he’s soft to your hands and feet, stops well, spins, sidepass to open gates, lopes nice circles and anything else you might want. He’s roped cattle outside, and has been started out of the box as well. Roadtrip has a lot of ability and is willing to ride to the level of his rider. This is a nice versatile gelding that is sure to please no matter what you’re looking to use him for. He is UTD on vaccinations, worming, dental, and shoes.

COOL WHIP – Consigned to Fall Roundup

3 years old

15.1 – 1/2 hands

1,150 pounds

Coolwhip is a super nice young horse with a lot of experience for his age. He is fancy to look at with 4 matching socks, great conformation, and gorgeous red roan color. He has been used outside, travels well with a smooth easy to ride stride, crosses water, downfall, thick brush and anything else you point him towards. Coolwhip has worked cattle, sorted, loaded trucks, opens gates and is easy to use in all aspects. He also rides very well in the arena with a smooth, low headed way of going, nice stop, fancy turnaround and very quiet minded. Coolwhip hasn’t had mistakes made and has experienced a lot of life for his age. If you’re looking for a young horse to keep for a lifetime Coolwhip might be just what you’re looking for. He is UTD on vaccinations, worming, dental, and shoes.

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