SHASTA – LOT#24 – consigned to Heber Valley Horse Sale on May 14-15, 2021 in Heber City, UT

7 years old

15.1 hands


Shasta is a horse that we have had in our program for quite a while now and we really enjoy him every day. He is very willing, athletic, quiet and best of all he’s that flashy grey color that gets you noticed everywhere you go. Shasta has been used outside, rides quietly anywhere in a group or by himself, goes where you point him and isn’t hot or spooky. We have roped on him outside as well as in the arena; he locks onto cattle and helps to make your job easier.  Shasta has a smooth stride, a willing mind and is broke well in the bridle. He rides around one handed, slides, spins, lopes pretty circles and is a great partner in everything he does. Shasta is good to shoe, clip, bathe, catch and handle in every way. He’s experienced a lot of life and is ready to go make you happy.

JAG – LOT#61A – consigned to Heber Valley Horse Sale on May 14-15, 2021 in Heber City, UT

9 years – GRADE

13 hands


Jag is handy, fun, easy to ride, and easy to love. We have enjoyed every minute with him from heeling steers to cowboying outside. Jag has a great attitude, an easy to ride stride, and best of all he’s EASY to get on!! Jag has been used by many levels of riders and tries to please everyone. He rides down the trail, in the rough country, crosses water, and will go over or through whatever you point him at. Jag has been hauled from the hometown jackpots to the longer score WS ropings and won money everywhere. He is versatile to riders, cattle, and setups. Jag scores well, runs to a good spot down the pen and is really easy to catch feet on. He stays in the ground solid when you dally and has a nice smooth stop. Jag would be perfect for a smaller adult or a handy kid that likes the smaller size but want a “real” horse. Jag is gentle, has never offered to buck or act fresh and is a gentleman on the ground from bathing and shoeing to hauling and standing tied. We have enjoyed everything about this little horse and I’m sure his next owner will as well. Jag will do his best to please in every situation and take his rider to the pay window everytime.

CADILLAC – Consigned to Bots Sots Remount Sale * June 4-5, 2021 in Sheridan, WY

11 years old

15.1 hands


Cadillac lives up to his name in every way. He is pretty, gentle, easy to ride and handles like a dream. Cadillac has been used on the ranch, roped and doctored cattle, used to sort and load trucks and any other job you can think of. He rides off gentle every day no matter if he’s being used or had time off. Cadillac is good by himself or with a group of horses, he will ride in the front, middle, or back and is the good no matter what. He is good with being stalled or out with a herd of horses. Cadillac is easy to catch, groom, bathe, shoe, load, tie etc. He is the kind of horse that makes me have a good day every time I saddle him. Take him on leisurely trail rides, go through rough mountains, trail cattle on your ranch, or go to the arena for a fun play day.  Cadillac checks all the boxes and is a fun usable horse in most any discipline you choose. 

COULEE – Consigned to Bots Sots Remount Sale * June 4-5, 2021 in Sheridan, WY

8 years old

15.3 hands

Coulee checks all the boxes when you’re looking for a lifetime horse. He has great conformation, solid feet and legs, and to top it off he’s beautiful buckskin. Coulee is gentle every day you saddle him, rides to the level he’s asked, and is very friendly and people oriented. He is great outside, in the mountains, on the trails, crosses water, brush, downfall and anything else you point him at. Coulee stays calm in new situations and isn’t spooky or watchy. He rides one handed, stops,spins, lopes smooth circles and takes his leads with ease. Coulee is a nice head horse as well, scores great, and is easy to ride at most any level. He has been used on the ranch and put in the hours in many situations from shipping cattle, snubbing colts, doctoring cattle, to be a well rounded horse that will fit into most any lifestyle and make you happy that you own him. We have owned Coulee for a year and he’s  been through every aspect of our program and he handles everything thrown at him with ease.

FRONTIER – Consigned to Bots Sots Remount Sale * June 4-5, 2021 in Sheridan, WY

4 years old

16 hands

1,250 pounds

Don’t let his age fool you Frontier has experience and kindness of a horse 3 times his age. We have had him in our program since he was a two year old and everything has been done correctly with him. Frontier has been to the mountains, packed, ridden, spent nights tied to trees and handles everything quiet and willingly. He goes wherever you point him, will cross or go through anything from water to rough rocks, downfall, and brush. Frontier is GENTLE every day of the week and doesn’t change with time off, he’ll be exactly the same horse next time you saddle him up. He rides one handed, soft in the bridle and respectful to your feet. He lopes nice circles, takes both leads, stops, spins, will sidepass to gates and stands quietly while you get on and off. Frontier is big, pretty, gentle, and an absolute pet that loves attention. He will meet you at the gate to be caught, loves to be bathed, groomed and loved on. He has great ground manners, stands quietly while tied, loads and backs out of the trailer, and is a gentleman in every way. Frontier is a great young horse that will fit into your program and allow the whole family to enjoy him and feel safe and comfortable for many years.

TWEETY – Consigned to Bots Sots Remount Sale * June 4-5, 2021 in Sheridan, WY

8 years old

15.1 hands

If you’re looking for that special, once in a lifetime horse, take a close look at Tweety. We have had him in our program for almost two years and there is nothing we don’t like about him.  He is GENTLE, kind, very user friendly, and a winner in many disciplines.  Tweety has the ability to win at a very high level but has the mindset to come down and work for a beginner as well.  He has been shown in the cutting and could easily go back to that.  He could also excel in the sorting and penning, or a fancy enjoyable ranch horse.  Tweety is a proven money winner at most every level of heading, heeling, and breakaway.  He is super easy to handle, ride, and get along with in every way.  Tweety scores outstanding in all events, and adapts to his riders with ease.  He has logged many miles in the mountains, on the trails, through water, thick brush and downfall.  He is equally as comfortable and enjoyable outside as in the arena. Tweety stays broke and is absolutely gentle 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if you ride him every day or give him time off he’s the same horse every time you saddle him. He has a sweet personality and is something that the whole family and grandkids can all enjoy at their own level.  Tweety rides equally as well bareback with a rope around his neck as with a saddle and bridle, no matter the situation he is gentle, quiet, respectful and responsive to his rider.  I can’t say enough good about Tweety and his pedigree speaks for itself.  He is something that most anyone can enjoy in any discipline or any level they choose.

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