Hello Kera. Wanted to give a testimonial even though I have called a few times. The sorrel paint you sold me on July5th 2022 (I call hime copper) has been exceptional. I was leary when you told me he was only 4 years old but you also told me not to judge him by his age. Should have learned to trust you by now since he is the 3rd horse I have bought from you. Have lots of excuses but haven’t had much chance to ride him since I brought him home and still each time he is just as gentle and easy going as before. Besides having a great mind he is also very talented, great in the box, really good at tracking steers and strong to the horn. Couldn’t be happier and want you to know he is being well cared for. sincerely, jim crittenden

Hi Kera,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with Cheyenne. He is exactly what I was looking for!

I am extremely appreciative of your truthful representation of him and where he was at on the head side. We’re getting more consistent in the arena, and I have no doubt that he’ll be pretty solid for me by the end of the roping season. He’s gotten quite a bit of outside work also and has been rock solid in every situation so far!

Thank you again for your helpfulness, honesty, and awesome communication. It really felt like you go the extra mile for your customers, and I will gladly refer anyone that asks to you in the future.

Take care,


Javier and his family are loving Wind River!!

My wife and I met the Washburns at the USTRC rope horse sale in Fort Worth and this was our first horse auction. Needless to say we had a ton of questions and the Washburns were there to answer them all with EXTREME kindness and professionalism.:)

I went in search of a step up head horse to help further my roping abilities, as we spoke with the Washburns about their horses, Kera suggested that SixGun would be a perfect fit for what I was looking for.

We were able to purchase SIX GUN, and he was everything they had made him out to be. He’s by far the best horse I’ve ever ridden and we are extremely proud to have him. He’s gonna take me a long way. Kera was able to match us perfectly and to say we were impressed with the kindness and attentiveness they showed us would be an understatement. When I’m ready for my next one or when my kids need their next horse, Kera will be our first call. Thank y’all so much!!!

Matt and Cassidy

Ringo is all dressed up and no where to go…lol. It’s been almost a year since we were there and bought him. Really nice horse, ready to go! Craig

I’ve known Dave and Kera for over 20 years and I called Kera a few weeks ago and told what kind of horse I was looking for. She found me one and I was headed to try it, but with a winter storm coming in, I never made it. So I bought the horse, without ever riding him, let alone roping on him. After two weeks of waiting for a break in the weather, I was finally able to rope on him for the first time. I roped 100% of all my steers! He is EVERYTHING she said he was. Dave and Kera understand horses and riders and are able to match them perfectly!


Thank you! Marianne

Don’t know how many saddles and trucks have been won by the Hughes kids, he’s been a part!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks for your time, I really like him….He’s a good one…Don

Wylie and my granddaughter winning the open at Spanish Fork UBRA race last Sunday…He is awesome, really nice heel horse for this old guy! Larry

Thank you so much for everything. We are consistently roping our calves in the 2’s….I love this horse! Janai

I just wanted to give you an update on Campaigner. I have taken him to probably 5 jackpots, been high call heeling on him; missed probably the easiest steer to heel in the history of heeling but I missed him. He’s put me in the money every time. Took him three weeks ago to Homedale World Series Roping, didn’t miss a steer and he took me to the pay window. I’m not the type of guy that spoils horses but it’s very easy to spoil him. I just wanted to thank you so much. I got three runs in Vegas and this is the most confident I have ever been going to Vegas. Thanks again! When I need another one, you are going to be my first call! Bradin

Wind River is loving his new “job” and home!! Congratulations Jared!!

Hey Cowgirl: I don’t know how much merit it would have, but if you ever want to use me as a reference as to the quality of your horses and the honesty and integrity with which you do business, please feel free to do so. I have told several folks that Cosmo is exactly the horse you said he would be and he has fit in my program really well. Buyers remorse is common to prevalent in equine transactions, so it’s so nice when the product is not misrepresented, and the horse turns out to be the same horse you thought you purchased. So you can take my thoughts for whatever they’re worth! Ha! All the best to you and your family….3R (Randy Reid)

Congratulations to Traci and Trax on their winnings!!!

Went from 10th high call back to 4th in the avg at the Livermore Rodeo open non pro roping. Ringo did outstanding on all three runs. Scored great and handled everything thrown at him! – Craig

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that the horse (Rio) I bought from you last year is just wonderful. So thankful I found him. Jeremy

Congratulations to Fran and Caliber

It’s not for everyone but I bought my horse from Diamond H ranch over the phone. He is however my second horse from this facility. Kera trained this horse and knew him well. He was exactly the horse she promoted him to be. Additional Kera sent me extra videos and was incredibly patient with all my calls and questions. I am a medicore roper and still was first and third high call back in the first two roping I used him. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Kera.

Congratulations to Charlie Robbins on winning 1st and 4th in the #10 at Ruidoso World Series on Sandlot!!

Hi Kera
It’s been a year and a half since I bought Turbo.
just wanted to thank you again . He really is an especially nice horse. He is working out great for me. If I need another horse in future I’d sure give you a call.
Best regards,
Ron Daubert

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