CONNOR – $25,000

4 years old


1,200 #

Connor is as nice of a young horse as I’ve had in a long time. With cow horse breeding on top and running horses on the bottom, he’s got the perfect mix of run and brains. He has tons of talent, can really run, but stays responsive in the bridle and to your feet at all times. Connor scores well, breaks flat, and has a fancy move and faces sharp. He’s easy to heel on as well with an easy stride and a smooth stop. Connor has been used outside, goes where you point him, crosses water, downfall, rocky country, and is enjoyable all day long. He is good to catch, handle, bathe, shoe etc. Connor rides around light in the bridle, lopes nice circles, slides, spins, sidepass, open gates and anything else you might want. If you’re looking for a young horse to enjoy and win on for many years to come then take a look at Connor.

TWEETY – $50,000

7 years old

15.1 hands


If you’re looking for that special, once in a lifetime horse, take a close look at Tweety. He is GENTLE, kind, very user friendly, and a winner in many disciplines. Tweety has the ability to win at a very high level but has the mindset to come down and work for a beginner as well. He has been shown in the cutting and could easily go back to that. He could also excel in the sorting and penning, or a fancy enjoyable ranch horse. Tweety is a proven money winner at most every level of heading, heeling, and breakaway. He is super easy to handle, ride, and get along with in every way. Tweety scores outstanding in all events, and adapts to his riders with ease. He breaks flat, runs hard, but has plenty of rate. He waits for you in the handle but has a nice move and faces really well. Heeling, he is very easy to ride into whatever position you choose. He waits for you to throw, isn’t cheaty, but is always timed up so he can have a big deep stop. He takes a hit solid and is quiet while you unclip your tie-on rope. Tweety makes the shot easy in the breakaway and stays honest so if you need an extra swing, he will be waiting. He works well outside, stays broke no matter if he’s not ridden often and has a sweet personality. Tweety rides equally as well with a rope around his neck as with a bridle. I can’t say enough good about Tweety and his pedigree speaks for itself. He is something that most anyone can enjoy in any discipline or any level they choose.

BOONE – $22,500

5 years old

15 hands


Boone is a well bred, young, fancy heel horse. He is gentle every day, has never offered to buck and wants to be a people pleaser. Boone rides around fancy broke with a big stop, nice spin, pretty circles and easy lead changes. He rides and ropes in a bridle or just with a rein around his neck! He’s great outside, travels on a loose rein and is willing to get a days work done. Boone is quiet in the box, easy to put in whatever spot you’d like going down the arena and times cattle and his corner entry easily. He doesn’t get cheaty but has a smooth sliding stop and is solid on the rope no matter if you tie on or dally. If you’re looking for a fancy young horse to haul and enjoy for a long time to come Boone fits that bill just right.