BIG IRON – $45,000

5 years old

15.1 hands

Big Iron can be described in one word, special. He is one of the most outstanding and talented horses to come through here. He is puppy dog gentle, always looking for attention, but when it’s time to work he can turn it on. He has the ability to really run down fast cattle but still quickly respond to light pressure from the bridle and your feet. He’s quick footed, athletic, and very willing. While Big Iron is capable of being at the BFI or in the open if that’s not your game he’s willing to come down and let you win in the lower numbers as well. Big Iron scores solid  and leaves the box flat and smooth allowing you to be ready for a shot as soon as you’re ready. He has never offered to buck or get fresh and silly, he’s always the same fun horse when you saddle him up. Big Irons calling in life is a head horse but he will run around to feet better than average as well. He’s been used outside, crosses water, sorts cattle, trail rides and anything else you might want to do. He is a talented, well rounded young horse that you’re sure to love. He has big feet, clean straight legs and the prettiest big dapples that will get you noticed wherever you take him. Come try him out and see if he’s a fit for you.

HASHTAG – $40,000

6 years old

15.1 hands

Hashtag is the kind of horse that most anyone of various levels will like. He’s got looks, brains, attitude, and ability all in one. Hashtag is gentle and kind every day, meets you at the gate to be caught, and is easy to handle in every way. He rides off quietly, has been used outside some as well as being an outstanding switchender in the arena. Hashtag scores well, has plenty of run but rates and handles cattle with ease. He’s a special horse that can adapt from high numbers to low and is a proven winner from the local jackpots to the WS ropings. Hashtag rides soft in the bridle, has a smooth deep stop and is fun to heel on! Come try him for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. He’s ready to load up and win for you today.

JINX – $27,500

6 years old

14.3 hands

1,100 #

Jinx is one of the coolest high end heel horses that we’ve had through here in a while. He made his start in the feed yards working for a living and has carried that experience right into the arena. Jinx is a pretty roan all year long, with good conformation, clean straight legs and all the ability one needs. Jinx rides nice outside, let’s you get your job done or just enjoy the trail if that’s your choice. He is very responsive to anything you ask and is always willing to do his best. In the arena Jinx is the horse I always get on when I’m breaking in cattle and need something that will let me get to the spot and get em all stretched. He scores good, allows you to pick your spot going down the arena, and is content to rope slow cattle. However, he can really turn it on and get up around fast cattle with ease. He never takes your throw away, but has a huge stop and is solid to the horn. Jinx has never offered to buck or be silly but he’s a horse that wants to work at a high level and help you win. He’s ready to win on today and for years to come.

CHROME – $60,000

8 years old

15 hands

1,150 #

Chrome is everything I look for in a horse. He’s running bred on top with cow horse on the bottom. Chrome is one of those horses that will draw attention everywhere he goes with his gorgeous color and impeccable conformation. He has clean straight legs, no scars or blemishes, and needs no special treatment to stay sound.  Chrome rides as fancy as he looks with a light way of moving, easy stride, and is responsive to your every cue. He has spent time outside on the trails, on the ranch, in the feed yard and can do any task you ask with ease. He allows you to focus on yourself because he will always do his part in the job. Chrome is easy to get along with and has never offered to buck, but he is aware of his surroundings and is a little watchy so I wouldn’t suggest a novice rider for him. Chrome has proven himself in the arena at jackpots big and small. He stays solid, works great no matter if he’s inside or outside and gives his rider the chance to win everywhere from the top to the bottom. Chrome can really run and has extremely fast feet so you never catch him in a bad spot. He scores outstanding, gathers cattle up quickly, has a nice rate and can get them legal for the heeler in a hurry.  Chrome has a snappy face and is easy to ride throughout the run. Heeling he is quiet in the box, allows you to ride to whatever position you desire going down the arena. He has a nice entry, good timing and a solid smooth stop. Chrome is easy to ride and enjoy in all areas and has been an absolute favorite on our place for the year we have owned him.

BARON – $80,000


15.3 hands


This is a unique opportunity to own a horse that has been in our personal string for 3 years! We don’t sell one that been in our program this long very often. Baron is an outstanding horse in every aspect, he is built right, fancy colored, and experienced as well. Baron has spent his life out on the ranch doing a day’s work and is legitimately one of the nicest using horses I’ve been on. He will rope a bull, tie down a calf, sort pairs, load trucks and be the horse you want to saddle every morning. He rides straight up in the bridle, one handed, two fingers broke, and never makes a wrong move. He travels out nice, never gets hot or worked up, but is always responsive to anything you ask. He has been through the rivers and the mudholes, goes where you point him, and will spend the night tied to a high line or hobbled for overnight pack trips. Baron will lead a pack string, bring up the rear or ride off alone with zero issues. He is fancy broke with a big stop, nice turnaround, and the most amazing feel when you ride him. He is solid on both ends in the arena as well as breakaway roping. Heading, he scores well, breaks flat, can really run, but stays easily rideable throughout the run. Baron has a nice move in the handle and faces well. Heeling, he is very easy to ride, times up well, stays free until you throw and has a nice smooth stop. He scores great and is free with a huge stop breakawaying. Baron is as “real deal” as you will find out there. It doesn’t matter what job you want him for Baron will get the job done and get you a chance at the pay window every trip. He has been ridden, enjoyed, and won on by people of every age and ability level, from the open to the #7. That said he isn’t a babysitter and will fit a knowledgeable horseman the best. Baron has never bucked or been fresh, never been lame or required injections, he has clean legs and zero maintenance. This is a horse you’re sure to enjoy if you get on him.

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