TWO SOCKS – $25,000

5 years old (2023)

15 hands


Two Socks is a fancy young switchender with a bright future ahead of him. He’s got all the talent you could ask for, tons of run, big stop, and fancy turnaround. Two Socks has been used outside and is great on the ranch for any chore you might need to do. He isn’t hot or prancy but he’ll work until the job is done every day and make it enjoyable for you. Two Socks is built right with a short back, clean legs, and big feet. He has fast feet and a big motor so I don’t recommend him for a young or novice roper. This one is the kind that can take you to the bigtime in the jackpots, rodeos or he’s young enough to go show as well. 

WHISKEY – $30,000

6 years old 2023

15 hands


Whiskey is one of those horses that is easy to operate in every way, built right with clean legs and solid feet and is pretty as well.  He’s GENTLE every day, easy to catch, shoe, bathe, haul, etc.  Whiskey is kind natured, tries to fit each rider at the level they desire and is talented to win at most any level.  He’s been used outside, crosses anything you point him at, and knows how to put in a full day’s work without being hot or lazy.  Whiskey has been used by a wide variety of riders and adapts up and down with ease so he would be a good fit for a whole family with people of varying skill sets all using the same horse.  He scores well, has plenty of run, but doesn’t want to get too close or overrun slower cattle.  Whiskey can really run and win at a high level but makes anyone feel comfortable and safe.  He’s been a favorite here and is ready to win for someone new. Don’t overlook him if you’re higher numbered he’s easy to win on there as well.

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