JAG – $17,500

8 years old – GRADE

13 hands

Jag is handy, fun, easy to ride, and easy to love. We have enjoyed every minute with him from heeling steers to cowboying outside. Jag has a great attitude, an easy to ride stride, and best of all he’s easy to get on!! Jag has been hauled from the hometown jackpots to the longer score WS ropings and won money everywhere. He is versatile to riders, cattle, and setups. Jag scores well, runs to a good spot down the pen and is really easy to catch feet on. He stays in the ground solid when you dally and has a nice smooth stop. Jag would be perfect for a smaller adult or a handy kid that likes the smaller size but want a “real” horse. He isn’t a beginner pony for a kid that can’t ride as he is a high-end performance horse. Jag is gentle, has never offered to buck or act fresh and is a gentleman on the ground from bathing and shoeing to hauling and standing tied. We have enjoyed everything about this little horse and I’m sure his next owner will as well. Jag will do his best to please in every situation and take his rider to the pay window every time.